Sun Chips Jalapeño Jack

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Sun Chips Jalapeño Jack

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Taste test: It's nice to see Frito-Lay expanding the flavors line of Sun Chips, as the existing flavors are all pretty good, but for the most part they taste the same, and Jalapeño Jack could be a good way to break out of the sameness. I opened the bag to find that these chips didn't look much different from the other Sun Chips, except for some tiny bits of green on their surfaces.

I crunched in and tasted some cheese but mostly the multi-grain flavor of the Sun Chips — and unfortunately, no heat, so I was thinking, what's going on here? Thankfully, the heat actually did arrive, though with a delay, and it grew stronger as I ate more chips. In the end, I liked these a lot, as these delivered the light feel and nice eating experience of Sun Chips with some fairly serious heat if you eat enough of them. I could definitely eat a whole lot of these.

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Smell test: Smells mostly like all of the other Sun Chips (in other words, good) but with maybe a hint of jack cheese.

From the package: “Great Multigrain Taste!” ... “Get ready for a flavor fiesta. These Jalapeño Jack flavored SunChips® snacks combine the tongue-tingling kick of Jalapeño with the creamy smooth taste of Monterey Jack cheese and are made with 17 grams of delicious whole grains per 1 oz. serving.”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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