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Smashpop Popcorn Crisps Sea Salt

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Smashpop Popcorn Crisps Sea Salt

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Taste test: These crisps looked kind of like Popchips, with the round shape and a similar diameter, but they were a bit thicker and had some kind of brownish areas scattered throughout the otherwise white and yellow wiggly surfaces.

I crunched in to find a light, soft crunch and a moderate-to-low crispness, with a taste that was a lot like salted popcorn. The feel was a lot denser than popcorn, but the taste reasonably close. Pretty good, but nothing special. If I wanted the taste of popcorn, I'd rather eat popcorn.

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Smell test: Not that good of a corn smell.

From the package: “A mashup of popped corn, whole grains & veggies” ... “With only 110 cal per serving and 10 grams of whole grain, you can Smashpop anytime”

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Company: Utz

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