photo of Skinns Potato Chips Honey Sweet Chicken
Skinns Potato Chips Honey Sweet Chicken

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Skinns Potato Chips Honey Sweet Chicken

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Taste test: These were some of the strangest "potato chips" ever, in all sorts of ways.

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They didn't look like potato chips, as they had a roundish shape, kind of like Popchips, except much thinner. A careful reading of the bag revealed that they weren't really potato chips as such, as they were made corn ("Maize Polenta" in the ingredients) in addition to potatoes. Presumably, they weren't chips, but crisps made from a flour combining the potato and corn. The crunch was definitely not like potato chips, as there was a strange grittiness to it. I didn't like it. The flavoring wasn't bad or anything, but it didn't say "Honey Sweet Chicken" to me, and in light of the bad texture, it seemed unappetizing. These won't be replacing potato chips in my diet anytime soon.

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Smell test: Maybe remotely like chicken, and definitely on the sweet side.

From the package: “The chip with nothing to hide” ... “Golden corn added for wholegrain goodness” ... “75% less fat” ... “Aside from the packaging there is nothing fake about these chips. Skinns chips with 'nothing to hide' are a delicious, healthy and crunchy snack. Made from the finest Aussie potatoes with no artificial colours or flavours.”

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Company: Potatomagic Australia Pty Ltd (Australia)

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