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Sabritas Fiesta Mix

Snack Review

Sabritas Fiesta Mix

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Taste test: This Mexican cousin of Frito-Lay's Munchies combined four types of snacks, three of which we've reviewed individually: Cheetos Puffs, Turbos Flamas, Rancheritos and Sabritones.

(We've reviewed many kinds of Cheetos, but not the short, stubby puffs in this bag.) The combination tastes and textures worked really well here. With all of those bold flavors, the Rancheritos may have come out the loser, as its soft crunch and comparatively mild flavor could not quite complete, but the different shapes, crunches and flavors made for a nice mix.

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Smell test: Nice spicy cheese smell.

From the package: “¡Con todo, para todos!” ... “Botana surtida sazonada/Flavored snack mix”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Chavez Supermarket, Redwood City, California. Review published .

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