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Ruffles Smokehouse Style BBQ

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Ruffles Smokehouse Style BBQ

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Taste test: These potato chips had medium-width ripples, with a dark orange seasoning unevenly applied. Most of the chips were fairly large.

I crunched in to find that there was quite a bit of barbecue flavor, and a really tasty one, with lots of spice and a hint of heat. The level of crunch wasn't consistent from one chip to the next, as some had kind of a soft crunch, but just about every chip had a high level of flavoring. These won't make the list of best barbecue chips ever, but they were well above average.

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Smell test: Nice sweet barbecue smell, like real barbecue sauce, with a bit of a kick.

From the package: “Smokin', smokin' awesome!” ... “The perfect weekend: You. Your buds. A smokin' grill. Spicy rub and ribs galore. Ruffles® Smokehouse Style BBQ flavored potato chips bring it all together. Lip smackin' dry-rub style BBQ flavor on every awesome chip! The best part? You can have the perfect weekend all year long, rain or shine. No grill cleaning required. Now that's awesome.” ... “Rrruffles have ridges®”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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