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Ruffles Max Flame Grilled Steak

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Ruffles Max Flame Grilled Steak

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Taste test: These potato chips had smallish ripples, with a mix of light yellow and light brownish areas, plus some tiny spots of very dark seasoning.

We crunched in to find that the chips had a thick cut and a pretty good crunch, with a flavor that was kind of like a steak sauce and some of the other seasonings for a steak, with the primary flavor being a mild onion taste. Tasters disagreed about whether the chips tasted like actual steak at some point during the eating experience, but everyone who tried these ended up eating quite a few chips. As for the "Max" aspect of things, the flavor didn't seem stronger or more authentic than other flavored Ruffles or other standard brands of rippled flavored potato chips. All in all, nothing spectacular, but pretty tasty.

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Smell test: Strong. Kind of like steak sauce and onion soup.

From the package: “Meat! Since the days of the caveman, it's been in our genes. Man must have meat. And, Ruffles® Max™ Flame-Grilled Steak flavored chips bring you that char-grilled meat taste that makes the caveman in you smile and want to club something.”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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