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Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers

Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers

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Taste test: The thing about Ritz Crackers is that despite being crackers, they're light and crispy and buttery and delicious. There's probably no way to improve upon them. The thing with coating anything in chocolate is that it's almost always a good thing, but there is some risk of losing some of the essential goodness what you started with.

So what do you get when you coat a Ritz Cracker in chocolate fudge? The result was very good, with lots and lots of rich chocolate fudge, but also the light, airy crunch and buttery taste of RItz Crackers. I was also impressed by how many crackers they included in the box. Many kinds of chocolate-coated cookies get packaged in trays that separate the cookies with lots of air (ostensibly to prevent them from sticking together), so you end up with a large box filled with not very many cookies. But this box contained a tray with three rows of nine cookies, with no separators — and no sticking together either. Our snacking panel was impressed. Great job by Ritz!

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Smell test: Nice mild chocolate smell.

From the package: “Made in Canada” ... “Limited Edition” ... “It's the salty, savory taste of Ritz that you love, covered with a rich, delicious fudge for a delightfully indulgent experience.”

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Company: Mondelez

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Target. Review published .

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