Ricos Tostaditos Chiviricos Fried Dough
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Ricos Tostaditos Chiviricos Fried Dough

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Taste test: This bag of fried dough contained pieces of various sizes and shapes with a fairly uniform medium beige color, and there was lots of sugar stuck to the dough, though a lot of sugar had also settled to the bottom of the bag.

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I grabbed a few pieces and crunched in to find that the dough was fairly thick but had a soft crunch, and yeah, it really did taste like fried dough. The experience of eating fried dough out of a pre-packaged bag was much different from hot, fresh, soft fried dough, but at least it tasted the same. If your preference is for powdered sugar on your fried dough, you're out of luck here, as the sugar was granulated. Not likely to become a replacement for freshly fried dough, bit as a quick snack, this was pretty good.

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Smell test: Very mild, but yes, it does smell like fried dough.

From the package: “Crispy & Delicious” ... “For a Snack, Parties, Desert, A Quick Energy-Booster!” ... “With Hot or Cold Drinks” ... “Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Water, Baking Powder, Modified Food Starch, Salt, FD&C Red #40, Vegetable and/or Peanut Oil”

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Company: Ricos Tostaditos Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Sedano's Supermarket, Little Havana, Miami. Review published .

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