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Primizie Crispbreads Smoked Dutch Gouda and Garlic

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Primizie Crispbreads Smoked Dutch Gouda and Garlic

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Taste test: These triangular chips looked kind of like pita chips, and also sort of like tortilla chips. Many of the pieces were actually not triangular when we got them, as there were lots of broken pieces. The surfaces were various shades of light beige, with what appeared to be some seeds embedded inside, plus a light helping of seasoning, including some green bits.

We crunched in to find a very solid crunch, but still a pretty good crispness, with an initial flavor that seemed bland — we could taste bread but not much in terms of gouda or garlic. The cheese and spices arrived with some delay, and then a good kick of heat arrived in the aftertaste — nothing incredibly hot, but the kind of heat that you feel in the back of your throat. Pretty good.

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Smell test: Strong blend of herb and spices.

From the package: “all natural” ... “grilled and crisped” ... “thick cut” ... “handmade snack crisps” ... “Primizie Crispbreads are a true chef created snack. They are an addictive, flavor forward, thick cut specialty chip with a distinctive crunch. Primizie Crispbreads are great for snacking on their own or pair perfectly with just about any dip or spread imaginable.”

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Company: Piadina, Inc.

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