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Pocky Choco Banana

Pocky Choco Banana

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Taste test: This box of Pocky featured an adorable cartoon monkey on the front, so that was a nice start. Inside the yellow box was a white foil bag with the Glico logo repeated in silver in various sizes. The dozen sticks inside were about 5 inches long and light brown in color, with a sort of greenish yellow coating over most of their lengths, save for about an inch at one end where the chocolate stick was exposed. The taste wasn't really much in terms of chocolate, but we could taste lots of banana, or at least if not banana, fake banana candy taste. Not truly bad or anything, but since we couldn't really taste any chocolate, nor anything much like real banana, nothing to get excited about here either.

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Aroma: Mild banana candy smell.

Manufacturer: Glico (Japan)

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From the package: "Chocolate biscuit stick coated with banana flavour confectionery"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Jia Ho Supermarket, Boston. Review published .

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