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Picard's Kettle Style Extreme Tart Lime & Chili Pepper Flavoured Potato Chips

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Picard's Kettle Style Extreme Tart Lime & Chili Pepper Flavoured Potato Chips

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Taste test: This bag contained chips that were generally small, with somewhat wiggle shapes, a good helping of skin on the edges, a nice yellow color overall and many bits of generally black seasoning (so it looked like crushed black pepper).

I crunched in to find that the chips were cut fairly thick and had a very good crispness and fairly light crunch. It was a different texture than is typical of kettle-cooked chips, much crisper than expected. The lime and chili flavor didn't quite live up to "extreme," but it was fairly strong and very tasty. The lime was subtle, and the peppers were zesty but just mildly hot. A very flavorful combination!

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Smell test: Not much, maybe just the slightest hint of lime to go along with the potato.`

From the package: “For 30 years J.D. Picard has mastered the art of making delicious snacks. His latest passion is the creation of 'the perfect kettle chip'. Fresh Ontario potatoes are rough-cut, craft-cooked and seasoned to perfection — the result on the goodness scale — our chip's flavour and crunch both measure in the 'extreme'. ”

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Company: J.D. Picard's Incredible Snack Co., Ltd. (Canada)

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This snack was discovered by Amy and Mary Anna in Canada. Review published .

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