Party-Tizers Fiesta Bean Dippin' Chips Black, Red & Adzuki Beans

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Party-Tizers Fiesta Bean Dippin' Chips Black, Red & Adzuki Beans

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Taste test: These tortilla chips had scoop-optimized shapes, but with not quite so many wiggles as Tostitos Scoops, as the two opposite sides were pinched together a bit, rather than having many pinches all the way around the perimeter. The chips also had quite a number of dark spots of various sizes, presumably from the three kinds of beans embedded inside.

We crunched in to find that the chips had a middling crispness and were noticeably thicker than your average tortilla chips, with a fairly solid crunch. The taste was a bit different than most tortilla chips — we could still taste the salty corn, but there was also a little something different from the various beans. Not a bad taste at all, just a bit different, and it's a taste that you could easily alter by your choice of what to dip them in.

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Smell test: Fairly mild salty corn smell, maybe a hint of beans too.

From the package: “Party'tizers Fiesta Bean Dippin' Chips ™ are uniquely designed tortilla chips that give you the perfect amount of dip with no mess. Our natural recipe starts with premium non-gmo ingredients. We blend US homegrown corn with delicious beans including black beans, red beans and adzuki beans. How the recipe ends is your choice ... dip, garnish, or just plain snack 'em.”

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Company: That's How We Roll LLC

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