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Pancho Villa Nachos Sabor Queso

Pancho Villa Nachos Sabor Queso

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Taste test: These tortilla chips looked largely like Doritos, with the same surface texture and range of colors, but the triangular shapes were a bit different. The shortest of the three sides was a bit extra-short compared to Doritos, making for a pointier isosceles triangle, and the overall size was smaller.

We crunched in to find a nice light, crisp crunch, with a wide variation in the level of cheesiness from one chip to the next. Some had hardly any cheese, at least when compared to your average Dorito, while others had a reasonable helping of it. The cheese tasted different from the Doritos nacho cheese, and it was pretty tasty.

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Aroma: Very midl cheese smell, but nice.

Manufacturer: Alimentos Pancho Villa S.A. (Chile)

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From the package: "#revolucionachos" ... "Ûnete a la revolución del sabor"

This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee in Santiago, Chile. Review published .

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