Oishi Toss Potato Chips Sweet Chili Flavor

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Oishi Toss Potato Chips Sweet Chili Flavor

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Taste test: This snack can was similar to Pringles, as it was filled with uniformly shaped crisps that also happened to be shaped the same as Pringles. The crisps had a light sprinkling of orange-colored seasoning. The crisps were very tasty, as there was a sweet bell pepper type of flavoring, with a texture pretty much the same as Pringles.

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The really cool thing with these was that of all of the Pringles and knockoff products that we've tried, it was the first to actively address the issue of reaching for chips as you get farther into the can. Along the edge of the pile of crisps, there was a clear plastic tab extending all the way to the bottom of the can; pulling the tab from the top raised the pile of chips out of the can.

It didn't work quite perfectly for us, as the tab didn't slide easily, but that was probably because many of the crisps got broken on their trip from China to the United States. Considering the condition of the chips, it actually worked quite well.

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Smell test: Very mild spices, mostly smells like most Asian potato snacks.

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Company: Liwayway (China) Co., Ltd. (China)

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This snack was discovered by Maria A in Shanghai. Review published .

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