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New York Chips Wavy Barbecue & Sea Salt

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New York Chips Wavy Barbecue & Sea Salt

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Taste test: These potato chips had wide ripples and widely varying levels of orange seasoning, plus a lot of dark areas of skin on the edges. Mostly of the chips had very gentle overall curves, but there were a few folded-over ones here and there too.

I crunched in to find a very light, brittle crunch, with a flavor that broke the pattern of most barbecue chips. The taste was very sweet, even sugary, but it was also very, very salty and maybe even vinegary at times. So it kept my taste buds very busy just processing the flavors. All in all, I liked it, but be ready for some very strong extremes in this one.

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Smell test: Smoky barbecue smell.

From the package: The only potato chip made from 100% New York Potatoes” ... “Cooked in 100% avocado oil” ... “Pride of New York” ... “The Marquart Family has been following 'best practice' agricultural procedures that result in growing the finest produce. Marquart Farms it Is committed to sustainability.” ... “The Whole Potato: We use only the finest locally grown potatoes — skin and all — for our chips. This means we keep the skins on when we cook our chips, just as Mother Nature intended. This old fashioned method of cooking creates a naturally healthy chip that has a unique and unforgettable flavor.”

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Company: Marquart Farms New York Chips

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