photo of Natural Sins Crispy Pineapple Chips
Natural Sins Crispy Pineapple Chips

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Natural Sins Crispy Pineapple Chips

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Taste test: These pineapple chips were fairly large and were cut from full cross-sectinons of pineapple, with nothing from the rind to the core omitted. They were very thin. The range of colors on the surfaces looked nice, much like the Farmer's Crate Pineapple Thins, which were even thinner.

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We crunched in to find a nice crisp and fairly light crunch, with lots of great sweet pineapple taste. There was sugar added, but it didn't taste overly sugary. If you like the taste of pineapple, you should like these, and they bring that nice taste to the much drier form of a chip. The inclusion of rind and core didn't add any hard spots that we could notice.

The multiple comparisons to potato chips on the bag seemed a bit unnecessary. They didn't look like potato chips, didn't feel like potato chips, and tasted nothing like potato chips. Obviously they're not potato chips. And anyway, what's wrong with potato chips? Pineapple chips are another thing entirely, and products like this prove that they can be good. But if you're craving a potato chip, I don't think one of these would help.

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Smell test: Like pineapple juice, but fairly mild.

From the package: “The un potato chip” ... “Made in Costa Rica by Natural Sins Ltda.” ... “Just two ingredients” ... “Ingredients: Pineapple and Raw Cane Sugar” ... “Certified vegan” ... “Ever eaten a whole pineapple, core, rind and all? 'No way,' you say. 'Yes way,' we say. Because when you slice Costa Rican pineapples down to the millimeter and bake them low and slow, you get the perfect slice of the whole gorgeous fruit. It's crispy, un-potato chip perfection. Pure vida crunch lover.”

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Company: Natural Sins Ltda. (Costa Rica)

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