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Natural Sins Crispy Beet Chips

Natural Sins Crispy Beet Chips

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Taste test: These chips were cut thin and came in various shapes, most quite small, with stripes running along the curve of the beet that alternated between light purple and dark purple. The actual colors didn't look quite so nice as the perfectly sliced chip pictured on the bag, but still, everything was purple.

I crunched in to find a light, crispy crunch and a mild beet taste. Beets are not a large part of my diet (indeed, I rarely eat them) but the flavor of these was not bad at all. Pretty good.

Aroma: Strong beet smell, nice.

Manufacturer: Natural Sins Ltda. (Costa Rica)

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From the package: "The un potato chip" ... "Made in Costa Rica by Natural Sins Ltda." ... "Just two ingredients" ... "Ingredients: Beets and Raw Cane Sugar" ... "Certified vegan" ... "Beets are so good for you, but chips are so good tasting. What's a snacker to do? Eat the best of both — we start with Costa Rican grown mountain beets, slice them nearly paper thin and bake them to crispy perfection. Taste… yum… all the crunch of a potato chip without a crumb of regret. Pure vida, crunch lover.™"

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