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Mi Niña White Corn Tortilla Chips Jalapeño Agave
Snack Review

Mi Niña White Corn Tortilla Chips "Jalapeño Agave"

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Taste test: These seasoned tortilla chips looked much like the same company's original flavor, with one-sixth circle wedges that had a light beige color and small bubbles embedded inside. There was fine-grain seasoning that could be seen on parts of the surfaces of some chips, but it was sparse enough to not effect the overall color much.

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We crunched in to find a solid crunch and a very mild but tasty hot pepper flavor, tempered a bit by some sweetness. If you're looking for serious heat, this won't provide it, but there was enough extra flavor to add just a slight zing and take away the blandness of a dipless tortilla chip. And if you do want to dip them, they were plenty strong for it — I had some of mine with a 7-layer dip and the rest with some chili, and it worked great.

We hate to say add negative about to these otherwise excellent chips, but we can't overlook the bag that they came in. They used the same type of bag as the original flavor, and it was just a terrible bag. It was difficult to open; it didn't open cleanly; and the rip in the side of the bag caused by opening it made it difficult to reseal.

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Smell test: Mild toasted corn smell. Couldn't really notice any jalapeno.

From the package: “After years of enjoying fresh corn tortillas shipped by my mother-in-law from my wife's hometown in Mexico, I decided it was time to share real corn tortillas with the rest of New England.” ... “At Tortilleria Mi Niña® we utilize the same techniques from the Aztec period. We cook whole grain non-GMO corn with nothing else but filtered water and mineral lime. We then use him-car volcanic stones to grind the corn mixture, a process known as 'Nixtamalization.' ”

Online store: Buy tortilla chips on Amazon #ad

Company: New England Tortilla LLC

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Pemberton Farms, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published November 2016.

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