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Mackie's of Scotland Ridge Cut Whisky & Haggis Potato Crisps

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Mackie's of Scotland Ridge Cut Whisky & Haggis Potato Crisps

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Taste test: Believe it or not, this wasn't the first haggis-flavored potato chip we've reviewed, though the only other one (with added black pepper) did come from the same company. But adding haggis to whiskey seemed ever more out-there than using black pepper, so we had to give these a try.

The chips had wide ripples and a light yellow color, with a light smattering of seasoning bits of various colors on the surfaces. We crunched in to find a light crunch and a rich potato taste complemented by a nice mix of spices, with kind of a peppery aftertaste. I haven't eaten haggis myself, so I can't directly compare the taste, but everything I've heard about haggis has been really bad, and this taste wasn't bad, so it probably didn't taste like haggis. The flavor didn't taste anything like whiskey or any other kind of alcohol either, but it was a good taste.

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Smell test: Strong savory smell, but definitely not like whiskey and probably not like haggis.

From the package: “Try a new flavour! If you love the full on flavour and colossal crunch of Whisky & Haggis Ridge Cut Crisps, you might also enjoy our other ridge cut varieties, including: Caramelised Red Onion, Roast Ham & more!”

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Company: Mackie's at Taypack (Scotland)

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