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Love, Corn Habanero Chilli

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Love, Corn Habanero Chilli

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Taste test: This flavor from Love, Corn looked a lot like their Smoked BBQ flavor, as the roasted corn kernels had a light orange color and lots of powder on the surfaces.

It seems like lots of snacks promise a habañero flavor these days, but the results range from very hot (as they should) to barely any heat at all (which defeats the point of the habañero), so we were eager to try these. We were skeptical, particularly in light of the Smoked BBQ tasted neither like smoke nor barbecue. But this time they delivered, as there was a strong habañero kick from the first bite, with a good heat that lingered for the aftertaste.

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Smell test: Pretty mild, no sign of how hot it would become when eaten!

From the package: “Howdy, just so you know we are a high fiber, gluten-free, vegan, smoky, premium roasted corn snack” ... “p.s. we're crunchy, we're delicious!” ... “Product of Spain”

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Company: Love Corn USA Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Crosby's Marketplace, Concord, Massachusetts. Review published .

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