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Lay's Sweet Onion

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Lay's Sweet Onion

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Taste test: These potato chips had a pale yellow color with lots of bits of green on them, a little bit of skin on the edges, and some folded-over chips.

I crunched in to find that the chips had a very, very soft crunch and were quite loaded with some very tasty flavoring. "Sweet" was the operative word here, far more than "Onion" as far as the taste went. If they hadn't said it was onion, I might not have guessed, as it didn't remind me of onion, nor did it much resemble any of the other sweet onion chips we've reviewed.

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Smell test: Nice, mild sweet smell, but onions weren't the first thing that came to mind. More like garlic.

From the package: “Limited Edition Flavor”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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