Lay's Stax Xtra Flamin' Hot

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Lay's Stax Xtra Flamin' Hot

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Taste test: This flavor of Stax promised to bring an extra-big hit of heat to the Pringles-like crisps from Lay's — not just Flamin' Hot, but Xtra Flamin' Hot! It seems like they skipped a step here, because although we've seen over a dozen Flamin' Hot varieties from Frito-Lay, we never tried a (not Xtra) Flamin' Hot Stax. (We have reviewed a Flamin' Hot Lay's, non-Stax, non-Xtra. We've also seen the "Xtra" flavor in two kinds of Cheetos, but they spelled it "Xxtra" in those cases: Crunchy Curls and Asteroids.)

The surfaces of the crisps had lots of red stuff on them, with a clumpy look to it, and most of the seasoning was on the concave side. I crunched in to find a good brittle crunch and nicely tasty heat, hotter than is typical of the Flamin' Hot brand though still far from the hottest ever. When I ate a whole bunch of them in a row, the heat lingered for quite a while, even after drinking some lemonade. Fairly hot, and quite good!

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Smell test: Slightly tangy, but nothing at all hot about it.

From the package: “Lay's Stax® Xtra Flamin' Hot® flavored crisps give you the full flavor and crispy crunch that adds great taste to your busy day. ”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wal-Mart. Review published .

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