Lay's Stax Seaweed Sushi

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Lay's Stax Seaweed Sushi

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Taste test: Lay's Stax are known for their blue plastic cans, which help to keep the uniformly shaped crisps neatly stacked and unbroken. We did find two flavors in China (Finger Licking Braised Pork and Green Cucumber) that came in Pringles-style paper-and-foil cans, but at least they were still cans. However, this kind from Taiwan was conspicuously lacking the can, as it came in a cardboard box, containing a foil bag that held the crisps.

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I opened the bag to find that combination of box and bag did a very poor job of keeping the crisps whole — many of the pieces were quite smashed apart. And that was despite the fact that the box, though made from thin cardboard, was in perfect condition, with no signs of ever being crushed.

The real attraction here was the Seaweed Sushi flavor. The crisps (or fragments of crisps, as it were) were a bit smaller than canned Stax and had lots of green seasoning on their surfaces, and they tasted good, with a nice mix of savory spices, but they didn't taste all that much like seaweed, let alone seaweed sushi.

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Smell test: Kind of remotely seaweed-like.

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Company: PepsiCo Foods Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Super 88, Boston. Review published .

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