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Lay's Maxx Hot 'n' Sour Punch

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Lay's Maxx Hot 'n' Sour Punch

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Taste test: This rippled version of Lay's from India featured deep, wide, angular ripples, with a strong orange color on the surfaces and an occasional bit of dark skin along the edges.

We crunched in to find a crisp, solid crunch and a huge flavor explosion, with tanginess, heat and a whole lot of zing. There were certainly some hot peppers in the mix, but also lots of other strong flavors, including something citrusy, for a very intense taste. The moderate burn grew stronger in the aftertaste. Very good!

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Smell test: Very tangy and sweet, maybe a bit citrusy.

From the package: “Bite into Lay's Maxx! With thick, deep ridges, powerful crunch and intense flavours … It's the perfect snack to Maxx your evenings! Maxx Taste, Maxx Crunch!”

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Company: Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd (Frito-Lay Division) (India)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Little India, Somerville, Massachusetts. Review published .

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