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Lay's Barbecue

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Taste test: has been reviewing snacks for more than 19 years, with nearly 9000 reviews, including 1896 potato chips, 469 barbecue chips and 191 Lay's — so how did we manage to miss a review of the most popular Lay's flavor (other than "Classic") for so many years?

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It was a fairly egregious omission, but the short explanation is that when we started doing this, Lay's was selling a KC Masterpiece-branded barbecue flavor, and when at some point they dropped the KC Masterpiece branding, we just plain missed it as a new flavor. As we munched our way through BBQ Rib, Extra BBQ from Thailand, Honey BBQ, Roast Pork BBQ from Thailand, Carolina BBQ, Hickory BBQ, Flavor Swap Korean BBQ and Hot & Spicy BBQ, managed to overlook normal, simple Barbecue!

So last week when I spotted the new Lay's logo on some flavors, including this one, it occurred to me that we'd never actually reviewed it.

The chips had shapes ranging from gently curving to fairly wiggly, with lots of bubbles embedded inside. They had various shades of orange and yellow, plus some scattered darker seasoning bits. Upon biting in, there was a crisp, light crunch and a tasty mix of barbecue spices with a minor kick. Most barbecue chips start with a mild flavor, then grow stronger in the aftertaste, but this one bucked the trend. The strongest flavor hit immediately, gradually fading away after that; nothing different emerged in the aftertaste. So it was a good taste, but not a standout among barbecue chips.

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Smell test: Very nice, sweet but with some spicy zip to it.

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered at Star Market at The Hub on Causeway. Review published .

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