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Kurkure Naughty Tomato

Kurkure Naughty Tomato

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Taste test: These snacks had the irregular shapes typical of crunchy cheese curls, with generally a light orange color, plus some darker orange seasoning. I crunched in to find that they basically tasted ketchup, leading me to wonder what the "naughty" part was about. As I ate more pieces, I found out, as there turned out to be quite a bit of delayed heat. It wasn't run-for-water heat, but as I ate more and more, the heat did build up. A nice mix of tastes to go along with a good crispy crunch.

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Aroma: Tangy ketchup smell.

Manufacturer: Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd (India)

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From the package: "Don't let your festivities be straight & simple. Add the tedha Kurkure twist to your celebrations and see the fun multiply iss baar ... Bite into Tasty, Crunchy Kurkure and Try Tedha Yaar!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Little India, Somerville, Massachusetts. Review published .

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