Kolson Slanty Cheese
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Kolson Slanty Cheese

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Taste test: Much like the Jalapeño flavor of Slanty, these potato-based snacks looked like penne pasta, tubes with slant-cut ends and ripple lines running lengthwise. They had generally a pale beige color with some light orange accents, and the lengths of the pieces varied.

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We crunched to find find that they felt very light and had a tasty mix of potato and mildly tangy cheese. It was definitely a less bold flavor than the jalapeño ones, with none of the extra spices, but still a pretty good taste.

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Smell test: Mostly a potato crisp smell, but also a hint of tangy cheese.

From the package: “Kolson Products are manufactured and packed under the most hygienic environment using state-of-the-art technology. Only natural and halal ingredients are used in the processing. The foil packaging guarantees sealed freshness.”

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Company: K.S. Sulemanji & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd (Pakistan)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Foodland, North Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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