Kettle Chips Buffalo Bleu
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Kettle Chips Buffalo Bleu

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Taste test: These chips were wide-rippled, but with very dull ripples, and the chips generally had very irregular shapes, including a few holes in the chips here and there.

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They were very crisp and had a great crunch. The taste was quite good, but the level of seasoning varied a lot from one chip to the next. Many of the chips tasted mostly like other varieties of Kettle Chips with a few spices added, but not actually like buffalo wings or blue cheese. Some of the chips, especially closer to the bottom of the bag, were more heavily spiced and had a mild amount of heat — a very tasty mix of spices, but still not really the taste of Buffalo wings or blue cheese.

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Smell test: Mostly the usual Kettle Chips smell, which is of course good, but no Buffalo sauce or blue cheese.

From the package: “Brazen spice mellowed by bleu cheese” ... “A touch of fire and ice” ... “The tangy chili spice hits you right up front with this bold chip. The hint of bleu cheese takes time to arrive, but when it does you'll know. Ah, it conjures up a bit of the yin and the yang for us, but balancing the barbecue zing with cool bleu cheese is what makes this potato chips so unique. Flavor alchemy like this — without anything artificial — is what makes us tick.”

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Company: Snyder's-Lance

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Whole Foods Market (formerly Bread & Circus). Review published .

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