Kettle Krinkle Cut Potato Chips Dill Pickle
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Kettle Krinkle Cut Potato Chips Dill Pickle

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Taste test: These potato chips had a light yellow color and wide ripples, with many small bits of dill clinging to various parts of the surfaces.

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We crunched in find a nice strong crunch and an equally strong pickle flavor. It pretty much tasted like eating a juicy pickle, with a good helping of dill, except with no actual pickle juice and instead a crunchy potato chip texture. The pickle taste was stronger than the potato, but there was some good potato flavor as well, especially when the pickle flavor wore off a little bit. Very tasty, excellent.

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Smell test: Smells like a jar of pickles, heavy on the dill. Nice.

From the package: “These Dill Pickle Krinkle Cut™ chips have bold flavor and hearty crunch. They taste great because they're made from all natural, real food ingredients, the finest potatoes, natural oils and craft cooking methods.”

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Company: Snyder's-Lance

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