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Jumble Bee Blissful Banana Chips

Jumble Bee Blissful Banana Chips

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Taste test: This smallish bag contained lots and lots of banana chips, cut an an angle to give them shapes that were more oval than round. They were generally cut fairly thick.

I was surprised to see the words "Contains: Coconut" on the bag because, well, they're banana chips! But when I bit in, I didn't notice much if any coconut flavor. I'm generally not a big fan of banana chips (I would rather just eat a banana) and these were no standout. As with most banana chips, they added sugar, but again I would just rather enjoy the sweetness of the real banana, which does not require added sugar and tastes better than and banana chip with added sugar.

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Aroma: Not a great banana smell.

Manufacturer: Community Foods Ltd. (United Kingdom)

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From the package: "Country of Origin: Philippines" ... "Ingredients: Banana (55%), Coconut Oil, Sugar, Natural Flavouring." ... "Warning: Children can choke on banana chips."

This snack was discovered at TJ Maxx. Review published .

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