Jane-Jane Prepared Shredded Squid Hot
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Jane-Jane Prepared Shredded Squid Hot

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Taste test: This bag contained many shreds of squid meat in various thicknesses, lengths and shapes, with generally a beige color, plus some scattered, smallish bits of red that were presumably hot peppers.

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I grabbed some strands and bit in to find an intensely fishy taste, with a nice, easily chewable texture. The taste was strong but tolerable, probably over the top if you can't stand this type of fish, but not quite as far out there as some squid snacks. As for the promised heat, there really wasn't any that we could notice.

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Smell test: Fairly strong fishy smell, but not too bad.

From the package: “ISO 9001 certified” ... “Wild caught” ... “Ingredients: Squid, Sugar, Salt, Lactose, Sorbitol, Vinegar, Monosodium Glutamate, Red Pepper, Sorbic Acid. Allergy Information: Contains Fish (Squid), Milk (Lactose)”

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Company: Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

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This snack was discovered at Cmart, Chinatown, Boston. Review published .

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