Hot Potatoes Spicy Bloody Mary Potato Chips

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Hot Potatoes Spicy Bloody Mary Potato Chips

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Taste test: These potato chips looked like the typical kettle-cooked chips, with most of the chips fairly small and wiggly in shape, with a dark yellow color on most chips, browned in some areas. There was a light coating of orange seasoning visible on most of the chips, unevenly applied.

When I crunched in, there was a very slight tomato taste that reminded me of drinking a V8, but again, very slight, as in maybe 5% of the taste of a V8. There was no heat. None. After a bite or two, the V8 flavor was gone, but the chips still tasted good, just nothing remotely like a Bloody Mary, let alone a spicy one. I noticed a tiny bit of a hot aftertaste, but really it was about as weak as it could have been while still being noticeable. So overall, a tasty chip, but as a Spicy Blood Mary chip, pretty lame.

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Smell test: Mostly like potato chips, no bloody Mary spices that I could notice.

From the package: “What are Hot Potatoes®? Careful: Eating will cause side, front and backwards effects. A spirited potato chip with a spicy kick of bloody mary. Caution: this bag is not a toy, but it does make a great party hat. No potatoes were harmed in the making of this product. How do I eat Hot Potatoes® 1. Open package 2. Don't pass the Hot Potatoes® 3. Swallow (don't forget to chew) 4. Repeat”

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Company: Beer Chips, LLC

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Christmas Tree Shops. Review published .

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