Hot-Headz Inferno Habanero Chili Extremely Hot
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Hot-Headz Inferno Habanero Chili Extremely Hot

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Taste test: These potato chips had very wiggly shapes and a brownish look to them, sort of like dark Russet chips, except that the much of the darkness came from a heavily applied seasoning. After reading the heat hype on the bag, we were expecting some extremely serious habanero heat.

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Crunching into the first chip, there was a great crispness, nice crunch and really tasty mix of potato and seasonings — but not any heat just yet. The heat arrived in the aftertaste, as it gradually increased in intensity to a reasonably strong level, with a very nice habanero burn. The heat was indeed hotter than the Chipotle Mustard chips from Hot-Headz, but still, the warnings on the bag were a bit overblown, as we've had several chips that were quite a bit hotter, and these didn't bring anybody to tears.

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Smell test: Can smell the chili peppers a bit, but nothing really hot about it.

From the package: “We dare you!” ... “We have specially selected the finest spices to make these the tastiest chips available.”

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Company: Hot-Headz! (United Kingdom)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Whale of A Deli, Point Reyes Station, California. Review published .

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