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photo of Honchos Peach Habanero
Honchos Peach Habanero

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Honchos Peach Habanero

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Taste test: These chips looked a lot like Doritos, with similar isosceles triangular shapes and surface textures. The color was generally a light yellow/orange, a bit more uniform in color than most Doritos, where the seasoning is a different color than the underlying chip, but the dark spots that are typical of non-Doritos tortilla chips were more noticeable in these than Doritos.

I crunched in to find a fairly soft crunch, without the excellent crispness that Doritos have, so definitely a different texture. The initial taste did have a hint of peach, and after that there was just the slightest hint of heat. There was a bit more heat in the aftertaste, but it was far from the expected habanero level. Nonetheless, it was a nice mix of tastes. The aftertaste stayed at a low heat level for a while and left me with a really good feeling. Chips were in good condition and hadn't appeared to settle, but the bag was filled just about halfway.

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Smell test: Pretty mild, no heat or anything. Not peachy.

From the package: “Join the real ingredient revolution!™” ... “We're Honchos. Leading the charge in demanding bold flavor, and telling nonsense ingredients to take a hike. No GMOs, no gluten, nothing fake. For real. Organic whole grain tortillas and real habanero peppers team up with the taste of sweet peaches for extreme peach habanero flavor. Be a honcho.” ... “We give a chip™”

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Company: Deep River Snacks (formerly Old Lyme Gourmet Company)

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