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Chick 'n Chips

Chick 'n Chips

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Taste test: We've reviewed a few snacks that were themed on a plate of Fish & Chips, but this one took a slightly different approach. The bag contained two different shapes of potato snack: square-profile, hollow fries that were supposed to be the chips, and hollow puffs with patterned exteriors shaped like a chicken leg (or drumstick). Both kinds had a fairly coating heavy orange-red seasoning on the surfaces.

We crunched in to find a strong crunch with good crispness from the fries, and a softer crunch with equally good crispness from the chicken-shaped ones. Both kinds seemed to taste about the same, with a potato flavor and a sweet, tomatoey ketchup seasoning. Not the tastiest or more ketchup-like of ketchup snacks, but pretty good.

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Aroma: Sharp, vinegary ketchup smell.

Manufacturer: Holiday Snacks Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)

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From the package: "A product of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago."

This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee. Review published .

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