Eden Wasabi Chips

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Eden Wasabi Chips

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Taste test: Taste just like Wasabi and pop quite a kick, but the taste doesn't linger.

You could eat these without a beverage, something you can't say for traditional Wasabi. Yummy.

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Smell test: They don't smell like Wasabi, where if you inhaled deeply you'd clear your sinuses for a week.

From the package: “Crisp & Fiery Hot” ... “The stimulating and unique flavor of Eden® Wasabi Chips comes from real wasabi, a wild Japanese horseradish. A selection of fresh minced vegetables and dough are blended, formed, dried and baked. Next is flash frying in high oleic rice bran oil and centrifuge spinning to reduce oil content, creating light and crisps chips. While still warm the chips are lightly misted with a sauce of wasabi powder, barley malt syrup, and tamari soy sauce. A final oven bake hardens the glaze.”

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Company: Eden Foods, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Ritu or Jodi at Zathmary's, Needham, Massachusetts.

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