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Dutch Crunch Potato Chips Kettle Cooked Original

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Dutch Crunch Potato Chips Kettle Cooked Original

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Taste test: These potato chips had a somewhat wiggly shape, with a light yellow color throughout and just a few darker spots on some edges where bits of skin were visible.

Most of the chips were about medium in size as potato chips go, and some of the larger chips were folded over. The crunch was quite good, above average even for kettle-cooked chips, and it went along with a good crispness. The taste was good as well, nothing spectacular, but a solid potato taste similar to other kettle-cooked chips. I could taste a good helping of salt, but not an overwhelming amount.

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Smell test: Good mild potatey smell.

From the package: “Croustilles cuites naturellement à La Marmite” ... “In the beginning there was kettle cooking, and it was good. 150 years ago, potato chips were born as a gourmet food. Fresh potatoes were sliced thick, cooked in large kettles, then hand seasoned — 'The Thick and Crunchy Treat For the Elite.' Well, we decided to bring traditional kettle cooking back. Dutch Crunch chips are kettle cooked naturally, a small natch at a time, in pure Sunflower oil. We insoist on Sunflower oil because it has no cholesterol, which is good, and it cooks the chips to a perfect crisp, with no oily taste, which is great.”

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Company: Old Dutch Foods Ltd. (Canada)

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