Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight
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Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight

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Taste test: I'm not sure what the Doritos folks were thinking when they named this flavor (which is just one of more than 100 flavors that we've reviewed).

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Taco-flavored Doritos are a great idea (and one they've done before), and tacos are definitely something that people eat at midnight. However, the decision to consume tacos at that hour often has something to do with how many drinks you've had, so the standards for tacos eaten under those circumstances aren't necessarily very high.

When I opened the bag, I saw that the usual color of Doritos was made significantly darker by the addition of a good dose of nearly black-colored seasoning. The taste was quite good. It didn't taste like just taco powder, as many taco-flavored snacks do, but really more like the mix of flavors that make up a taco, specifically a grilled chicken taco. Very tasty!

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Smell test: Wow, it really does smell like heavily seasoned tacos from a good taco place.

From the package: “The night is calling. Satisfy your craving with a new Doritos® brand experience.” ... “Need more late night satisfaction? Also try Last Call Jalapeño Popper”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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