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Doritos Wasabi
Snack Review

Doritos Wasabi

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Taste test: This wasn't the first wasabi version of Doritos we've tried (that distinction goes to Mr. Dragon's Fire Chips) but it was a standout in several ways.

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First, the taste: The yellow chips with green seasoning had a brief ranch taste upon biting in, quickly followed by a fairly intense and extremely flavorful hit of wasabi. Our tasters enjoyed many handfuls with some beer after a road race, and people couldn't have been more thrilled, as many declared these to be the best Doritos they've ever had.

Second, the size of the bag: 30 ounces. Ginormous, the largest bag among the many Doritos flavors we've reviewed.

Third, where I found them (and the reason the bag was so big): Costco, not a place I often purchase chips, since they tend to sell ordinary flavors.

Fourth, the extra tasting session: Despite extended and extensive eating, there were plenty of chips left to bring to a restaurant/bar after the race, where the drama continued. Upon spotting the bag, our waitress asked if we planned to eat them, to which I replied, "Of course, and would you like to try a Wasabi Dorito?" Not what she had in mind, as she said we can't, it's a health code violation to consume outside food. (In 11 years of reviewing chips and often bringing them to restaurants, I've never heard this before.) "OK, we won't," we lied. Two of our tasters ordered clam chowder, which turned out to be large bowls of bad chowder. This gave us the opportunity to find out what happens when you add Wasabi Doritos (and Westminster oyster crackers) to bad chowder — turns out, it vastly improves the chowder. Then there was the look from the waitress when she spotted full plates of Doritos surrounding both bowls.

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Smell test: Kind of like ranch chips.

From the package: “We combined Japanese-inspired wasabi flavor with the bold and crunchy Doritos® brand tortilla chips you love. Bringing one of Japan's most intense flavors to you.”

Online store: Buy Doritos on Amazon #ad

Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Costco. Review published September 2011.

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