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photo of Doritos Taco (Japan)
Doritos Taco (Japan)

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Doritos Taco (Japan)

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Taste test: Having previously reviewed a confusing array of of taco-related Doritos flavors including Taco, Tacos at Midnight and Original Taco, I was glad to discover this kind in Japan. I opened the bag to find the usual Doritos look, with mostly a yellow color in this case, with none of the bright orange typical of some flavors.

I crunched in and was surprised that these chips didn't taste anything like any of those other flavors. In fact, the taste didn't seem taco-like at all. It was like a plain Dorito with a very mild sweet and tangy seasoning. I liked the taste a lot, but if I hadn't seen the picture of the taco on the bag (and being unable to read Japanese), I wouldn't ever have guessed "taco" from the flavor alone.

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Smell test: Some very mild tangy smell. Not at all like the usual Doritos smell.

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Company: Japan Frito-lay Ltd. (Japan)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Tokyo. Review published .

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