Doritos Spice 2.0

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Doritos Spice 2.0

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Taste test: These Doritos looked much different than any others we've tried, as they had a purplish red flavor powder covering large areas of the otherwise orangeish chips.

It looked particularly purplish when peering into the foil bag, but not quite as purplish after taking a chip out of the bag. Still, purple just isn't a usual snack color, so it was kind of jarring to look at. (The picture on the bag really didn't do the color of the chips justice.) I crunched in to find the usual Doritos texture but not a whole lot of spice (let alone Spice 2.0) on the first bite. But the spice did kick in on the aftertaste, and it was a nice tasty heat. Most tasters liked these, but nobody was particularly enthusiastic, in one case declaring, "Meh."

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Smell test: Not really much.

From the package: “What happens when you take over the Internet? Bling bling is what happens. Just ask Jeff Chan who named this flavour and made a video about it that smoked the Doritos* viralocity chart. For this awesomeness, we awarded huge cash.”

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Company: Frito-Lay Canada (formerly The Hostess Frito-Lay Company) (Canada)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Big Bee Convenience Store, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Review published .

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