Doritos Flavor Shots Fiery Habanero Triangles
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Doritos Flavor Shots Fiery Habanero Triangles

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Taste test: We've seen the name Doritos Flavor Shots before — twice, in fact, in the form of tortilla chips bearing the usual Doritos shapes, with an extra packet of add-your-own flavoring powder of the Blazin' Buffalo Rush or Atomic Chile Limon variety — but these were not like those at all.

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This kind was shaped like small, hollow triangles and made from a Fritos-like material, with some red-orange seasoning on the surfaces. The shapes were generally a ways from the equilateral triangles pictured, as most pieces were distorted.

I crunched in to find a light, Fritos-like crunch and a tasty mix of corn and spices, but nothing habanero-like or even hot. So I popped a few more pieces into my mouth. That aggressive move proved to be my undoing, as the heat ultimately did arrive in a pretty big way, with a hot habanero kick. It was tasty and hot enough that I went to get some chocolate milk.

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Smell test: Mostly like Fritos, with some mild spices, but not notably hot or zesty.

From the package: “Artificially flavored corn snacks”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wal-Mart. Review published .

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