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photo of Covered Bridge The Weekender Potato Chips
Covered Bridge The Weekender Potato Chips
Snack Review

Covered Bridge The Weekender Potato Chips

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Taste test: These potato chips promised quite a combination of flavors, described by an impressive illustration on the front of the bag: Four potatoes relaxing on Adirondack chairs, with the chairs labeled as Sea Salt & Vinegar, Loaded Hot Dog, Smokin'sweet BBQ and Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño. It didn't say whether there were four different kinds of chips in the bag, or all four flavors on all chips, so we had to open the bag to find out.

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On first glance, it was hard to tell if there were four different kinds, as some chips looked much more orange than others, but there wasn't any obvious difference in seasoning powder — none of the chips seemed to have any of it. To solve the mystery, I poured a whole lot of chips onto a plate, made myself a glass of lemonade and ate the chips one at a time. Before discussing the flavor mystery, I must say that they were excellent chips, with lots of rich potato flavor, great crispness and a light crunch. The chips seemed to individually have one of the four flavors, with no real way of telling which was which until a chip hit my tongue. All of the promised flavors seemed to be present, and all were quite tasty. They weren't the strongest flavors at times, particularly the salt & vinegar ones, but the flavors went well together, and the changing flavors from one chip to the next added a major twist to your typical potato chip experience. Excellent!

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Smell test: Nice zesty mix of spices.

From the package: “Potato Chips Made by Potato Farmers” ... “Dark russet potato chips” ... “The Albright Family Potato Farm began more than 80 years ago when Great Grampy Aubrey planted his first potatoes. Today we carry on an old family tradition with our delicious kettle cooked potato chips that are made just down the road from the Longest Covered Bridge in the World in Hartland, New Brunswick. Each batch is cooked with care like Great Granny Lela made them on her wood fired pot belly stove.”

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Company: Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company Inc. (Canada)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published December 2017.

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