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Cornitos Nacho Crisps Cheese and Herbs (Now More Cheesy)

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Cornitos Nacho Crisps Cheese and Herbs (Now More Cheesy)

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Taste test: Usually when a snack that we've already reviewed boasts something like "Now More Cheesy" on the bag, we're skeptical, and it rarely merits a new review. But the makers of Cornitos sent this bag all the way from India, so we figured, sure, we'll review them and compare to the Cheese and Herbs without the extra-cheese promise. That flavor was good, but it was one of the least bold of all the Cornitos flavors, so we were expecting something truly bold with the added cheese.

I opened the bag to find that the chips looked much the same, with a Doritos-like appearance. I tried several chips, and they tasted very good, but the flavor wasn't particularly bold this time either. It was a tasty mix of cheese, herbs and corn, much like the previous version. There may have been more cheese, or maybe not (it's a difficult comparison, even with the two kinds to try side by side, which I didn't have here) but if there was more cheese, there wasn't a whole lot more. Still, good chips.

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Smell test: Good mix of cheese, herbs and corn, with tangy cheese being the most dominant.

From the package: “Some things are made for each other like the unique combination of cheddar cheese & cool Italian herbs die-hard cheese lover or simply a fanatic you'll fall in love for sure”

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Company: GreenDot Health Foods Ltd. (India)

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