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Corners Popped Corn Tortillas Garlic

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Corners Popped Corn Tortillas Garlic

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Taste test: Although these were labeled as tortilla chips and had a triangular shape, these were quite completely different than your typical tortilla chips.

The surfaces had a wiggly, wormy, sort of brain-like texture. The label promised a big crunch, and though there was indeed a crunch, it was a soft crunch, very different than other tortilla chips. The lightness of the modified tortilla material made it so that the crunch had no crispness to it. The taste was pretty good, with a whole lot of garlic mixed with corn, and somehow, even though there was quite a lot of garlic, the chips didn't seem too garlicy.

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Smell test: Strong garlic smell, nice.

From the package: “Made with extra virgin olive oil” ... “Our unique popping process allows you to enjoy popped corn in a delicious and healthy way.”

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Company: BFY Brands (formerly Medora Snacks)

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