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Chipsy w Kotle o smaku Prażone Kwaśna Śmietana

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Chipsy w Kotle o smaku Prażone Kwaśna Śmietana

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Taste test: When translating the name from Polish, it came up on Google Translate as "Chips in a Cauldron with a taste of Roasted Sour Cream" — which gave me a chuckle. I suppose there's no major difference between a kettle and a cauldron, but the word cauldron just brings Harry Potter to mind.

The chips had wiggly shapes with lots of bubbles embedded inside. The surfaces had a strong yellow color, some parts showing an orange glow, and a light smattering of green bits, plus lots of potato skin around the edges. I crunched in to find a solid crunch, more crunchy than crispy, with a whole lot of nice sour cream and onion flavor. A bit unusual in the texture department as potato chips go, but very tasty.

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Smell test: Mild onion smell.

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Company: Przysnacki (Poland)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Euromart, Dot Ave, Boston. Review published .

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