Chippy Chili & Cheese Corn Chips

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Chippy Chili & Cheese Corn Chips

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Taste test: These chips looked a lot like Fritos, with similar shapes and surface textures, but most of the chips also had a mild orange glow, thanks to some unevenly applied seasoning powder.

I crunched in to find a very Fritos-like taste, but also a bit of very mildly tangy seasoning. The seasoning was weak enough that it was easy to taste the salted corn chips too. The flavor was OK, but it didn't say chili & cheese to me; we've had lots of snacks that promised chili & cheese, quite of few of which tasted like a bowl of chili — including Chili Cheese Fritos — but these did not.

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Smell test: Can smell the cheese, but not really the chili.

From the package: “Guess there's just no explaining the craving for Chippy Chili 'n Cheese from Jack 'n Jill. It could be the original crunch that makes it everybody's favorite. Or it could be the tongue tickling combination of spicy chili and real cheese. Maybe it's the crunch and the flavor. Or the flavor and the crunch? Whatever! Everybody just knows that when it comes to snacks, your instincts always cry out ... Love ko talaga Chippy!”

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Company: Universal Robina Corporation (Philippines)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at H Mart, Cambridge/Burlington, Massachusetts. Review published .

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