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Taste test: This was a Canadian discount store knockoff version of Pringles. I opened the can and was surprised to find that the crisps were not the same shape as Pringles, and the best way I can describe the shape is sort of like the surface of an old TV tube (for you young folks, that's before everyone switched to flat screens). In fact, the shape was just like the CVS version of Pringles, making me suspect that these private-label products may have been made in the same factory. Besides the different shapes, these crisps also seemed to be less uniformly shaped than Pringles — still mostly uniform, but just with a few tiny wiggles around the edges of some chips.

The taste was a lot like Pringles, but less intense, and all of the flavor seemed to be on one side of the crisps. Not bad at all, but a small notch below Pringles.

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Smell test: Potatoey, but a little blander than Pringles.

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Company: Dollarama of Canada (Canada)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollarama. Review published .

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