Cheez Doodles Extra Crunchy Extreme

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Cheez Doodles Extra Crunchy Extreme

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Taste test: As someone who has reviewed more than 300 kinds of cheese puffs, I've gotta say that new extension of the venerable Cheez Doodles line this was an odd one — at least the way that it was marketed.

The name boasted that this was an Extreme version, with the only explanation of what that meant being that it would be "extra crunchy." The bottom of the bag said simply "cheese flavored corn snacks" so my expectation was a conventionally flavored crunchy cheese curl with a different texture.

My first surprise was when I opened the bag and saw the very reddish seasoning on the curls — they looked like Flamin' Hot Cheetos! I crunched in to find that they were indeed hot and spicy — it was more of a chile & lime flavor than the Cheetos have, but it was fairly hot and tasty. The Extreme texture that I expected wasn't there; they had the same good crunch as the Crunchy Cheez Doodles, not noticeably more. They were good, but if you're going to sell a hot cheese curl — as plenty of snack companies have before — why not label it that way?

Here's one thing that wasn't particularly extreme: how full the bag was. It was only filled a bit over halfway.

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Smell test: Strong spicy cheese smell. Very unexpected!

From the package: “Remember recess? That time of day when you let loose, hung out with your friends and had no worries? Well, it still exists inside every bag of delicious Cheez Doodles. Tear one open and find out. We double dog dare you. Maximum crunch. Maximum flavor.”

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Company: Wise Foods Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Park Street Mini Market, Chelsea, Massachusetts. Review published .

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