Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Infused Fresh Jalapeño
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Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Infused Fresh Jalapeño

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Taste test: These potato chips generally came in small pieces, with some wiggly shapes and folded-over chips. The chips had a golden yellow color, but there were also many dark spots, particularly along the edges. There was no sign of anything green, which would be consistent with the bag's concept of the jalapeño flavor being in the oil, rather than in seasoning powder.

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I crunched in to find a very nice salty potato flavor on the first bite, with no particularly strong heat, followed by a fairly hot jalapeño aftertaste that kept growing stronger for a while. The "infused" flavor seemed different from your typical jalapeno, as it seemed more concentrated on the heat of the pepper while avoiding the fruity aspect, but it was still recognizable as jalapeno. There heat lingered for a while in the aftertaste as well. I shared the rest of the bag with some others snackers, and reactions were all over the map. Some thought the taste was just weird; some said there was no heat at all; some liked the jalapeño flavor; and one said it tasted just like jalapeño seeds.

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Smell test: Mild jalapeno smell, not hot, but fresh.

From the package: “Premium, Authentic Flavor” ... “Each and every Cape Cod® potato chip is spritzed with naturally flavored infused oils. These delicious oils deliver the perfect aromatic blend of fresh jalapeños with a sprinkling of salt. The infused flavor won't stick your hands or leave you feeling greasy ... it's just an authentic flavor experience.”

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Company: Snyder's-Lance

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